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"Imagine a compact screen capable of displaying a wide range of data in various formats, divided into ten separate windows, each with the flexibility to showcase different content—whether it's timing, scores, text, pictures, or more. With our AdaptiPanel model, you have the power to create your desired layout and seamlessly access different windows wirelessly. Our wireless technology enables you to transmit data, temperature, time, or text to the display from distances of several hundred feet. For more information, please don't hesitate to reach out and consult with us."


Videowall Database 

"Version 2.1 VideoWall Database Project is a comprehensive data management solution specifically designed for small companies dealing with Videowalls and LED technology. Download the fully functional demo to explore the software's complete potential and gain a better understanding of its capabilities."


Doppler + Arduino Counter

Arduino Counter Led Display


Doppler / Radar

Doppler / Radar Project


Counter LED 

20x20 Cabinet Full counter 

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